Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sharing a chocolate into 4 equal parts

This evening our lesson was making us think about the possible different ways to share a rectangluar "chocolate" into 4 equal parts regardless of shapes.  The main point is, it must be equally shared.

1st example :
What we discovered, we can fold the paper into half and fold again into another half. That will make it into 4 equal parts.

 We also discovered that if the rectangle is being folded into sixteen parts and each get equal number of small square eventhough in different shapes they will get the equal share.

We also discovered that even if the triangles do not seem to be identical, however if cut it into half and re-arrange, it will sit exactly the same as the other triangles.

It was quite amazing to find out more ways to share this "chocolate" so I wonder if beside rectangle, triangles and square, what other shapes can we use to share it equally.

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