Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Knowing number concept...

Whole Number

There are many ways to teach about whole number using concrete materials such as using the Ten Frames, beans, counters and many more. Bruner believed that children begin their learning through touching, feeling and manipulating.  He called this as the concrete stage which involves hands-on.  Similarly Dienes theory emphazies "play" as one of the important theory of learning.  Through concrete materials it enhances children learning mathematics in a more interactive and engaging manner.

4 Abilities to Count

The basic knowledge for young children to work with number is counting.  They can count everything and anything from the steps they take to walk down the stairs to counting numbers of vehicles on the road.  Through this experience they will learn number concepts.

Children will gradually learn to classify objects in the process and rote counting in which they will learn to count in sequence. They will then establish one to one correspondence by pointing to objects or moving it as they say the number words.

Children should  appreciate the concept of cardinal number and learn that the last number named represents the last object as well as the total number of objects they count.