Saturday, 21 September 2013

EDU 330 Elementary Mathematics

"I hate Math!". "I can never do Math!" these are common comments from adults and students who have failed Math.   Mathematics are seen to be subject that people love to hate.

Anyone can learn mathematics and learning mathematics is an essential life skill.

The important areas to teach MATH 

Mathematics Teaching Today listed six major components of the mathematics classroom that will allow student to develop mathematical understanding.  I believe these components are important areas to teach Math.
  •  Students should be given the opportunity to learn by setting up the environment that are engaging and interactive.
  • Focusing on the concept and understanding of Mathematics procedural fluency.
  • Given active participation in problem solving
  • Enhance understanding using technology.
  • Assess students aligned with instructional goals and mathematics practices.
  • Facilitate students in recognizing the reasoning and mathematical integrity. 

What Does It Mean to do Mathematics?

"Doing mathematics means generating strategies for solving problems, applying those approaches, seeing if they lead to solutions, and checking to see whether your answers make sense."(Van de Walle, J. pg13)